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State of Me

I feel that I did pretty well this month, for as unmotivated I've been in real life. I think I'm doing pretty well at finding what works for me in regards to how many threads I can maintain at a time (the magic number seems to be around 10), I have a handful of outstanding tags that I've been slogging through but most of them seem to be coming to a close.

July is going to be a little hectic for me -- I'm aiming on bringing a new pup at the beginning of the month, Neal may be having some Big Life Changes happening, and I'll be out of town from July 12 through the 16. I'll be at a music festival in Kentucky and will have some internet access (free WiFi in common areas of the hotel, plus my phone) but may be too burnt out to tag.

Also, none of mine are going into Amnesia Plot -- I don't think that many of them would benefit much from it -- but I'll be around for any thread requests for amnesia-ed pups, if desired.

And the pups... )

TR: SotP

Apr. 30th, 2012 10:19 am
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State of Me

I had great intentions for April, but it wound up being kind of a wash, too, as my main tagging mojo has been All Neal, All the Time. I think I need one more tag for Snape to make reqs, so I might just throw him belatedly at someone in the hoedown, or I might just let it go.

In general, I'm good but tired all the time and kind of blah. May is a relatively low-key sort of month for me -- I should be in town for the whole time, and only have a couple of concerts on the radar. I'm "training" for a 5k at the end of the month, so regular gym-time will eat into my schedule a bit, but I guess it's worth it in order to not be out of breath after jogging for a minute?

And the pups... )


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