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There is a crack in everything (that's how the light gets in.)
Hockey RPF - Tyler Seguin/Jamie Benn; past Tyler Seguin/Brad Marchand
No matter how far wrong you've gone, you can always turn around.

Tyler takes a long route to Jamie, here. Tyler gets fucked up and fucked over. He's so delightfully Tyler, messy and complicated and wounded from his time in Boston and trying his best but not always getting there, and this version of Jamie is a bit rough, a lot protective, not too good at his words. They get there, though, they always do.

maybe tomorrow (maybe next year)
Generation Kill - Brad Colbert/Nate Fick
Turns out Nate's situational awareness doesn't extend quite far enough, after all.

The voices here are just so spot on. Like, I can hear the dialogue in their voices, see the mannerisms, everything. These guys take a long time to get where they're going, too. They fuck it up, because why wouldn't they? Of course they did. The fic is just so perfectly them, right down to the way they finally get their shit straight. It's making me want to go rewatch the show, is what this fic's doing.

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The Mysterious Production of Eggs/Fake Palindromes, Real Palindromes. "There's something special that they're looking for. Unique and defiant of classification. Beholden to no one, wild. Female. This is you." This is seriously just magnificent, 500-some words of (what I read as) an alternate universe, and it reads perfectly with the song, with little verbal tics as nods to some of the other songs. Just go read it, it will make you want more. This is all.

Community, Creative (Non)Fiction. "Abed writes what he knows. And some other stuff, which may or may not end well." Abed writing fan fiction about the study group. The dialog here is just spot on perfect.
History of Film. "I hate it when we do genres. Next time, I at least want some kind of warning." Another spot-on story, with the dialog and characterization. I love all the little genres, and the fact that everyone pretty much just plays along.
Mandatory Futures in Make Believe, Jeff/Britta. "Fake families out of real ones." GUYS, THERE IS SO MUCH GOOD COMMUNITY FIC THIS YEAR. The Dean makes everyone take a family planning class. Wackiness and perfection ensues.
pretty cool, Troy/Abed. '“Maybe Superman just really likes Batman more than the girls,” Abed says, noting more things on his clipboard. Or: plans, not-plans, and a science project involving colorful hermit crabs.' This is a perfect, perfect little story about Troy, Abed, and potentially gay hermit crabs. It is glorious, and sweet, and I love it.
Introduction to Escapology. "The Dean decides that celebrating National Bubble Bath day is his newest brilliant idea. Naturally, chaos ensues. A very special episode of Community." This could, and should, be an actual episode. Bubble baths for everyone!
The Study of Life in the Universe. "Troy and Abed decide to look to the skies for their final project in Professor Duncan's class." This is really a perfect Troy-and-Abed-have-an-adventure story.
The Closest Approximation, Troy/Abed. "It occurs to Troy one day that a lot of Abed's films involve the two of them having sex." Again, seriously, I can't flail enough over the quality of the Community fic. This is seriously awesome. Also, there's a nod to Britta/Jeff/Annie, which made me glee a little bit.
A Visit From Whitman (Or, 'Twas the Day After Christmas Vacation). "When the study group seems to be missing the day after Christmas vacation, Troy and Abed have no choice but to investigate. Meanwhile, the rest of the gang is planning something." There is poetry and cuteness and adventures and WHEEEEE.
On a Steel Horse I Ride. Troy/Annie/Abed, '"Road trip," Abed says, nodding approvingly. "One car. Seven people. A country's worth of dramatic situations ripe for both comedy and tragedy."' Every fandom needs a great roadtrip story and a great OT3 story. This is both.
Psychological Factors In Costume Design. Troy/Abed, "Jeff did one uncool thing and now his life is ruined forever. What he needs is revenge on Troy and Abed. Or maybe karmic justice; "revenge" sounds so Old Testament, which really isn't his style." This fic contains THE BEST FLASH MOB EVER, and one of those Community-style life lessons. Also, if Troy/Abed isn't your thing, you can still read this, just skip the last section.
Special Seminar in Romantic Comedy. Troy/Abed, "It was a perfect romantic-comedy moment in a perfect romantic-comedy situation." This story involves a bake-sale, Britta-on-controlled-substances, and a delightful 30 Rock/Conan semi-crossover.

Die Hard, The Day is Saved. 'Sometimes even badasses need a day off. Lucy McClane is going to make it happen or there'll be hell to pay.' Set after Live Free or Die Hard. John, Matt, and Lucy are all bad-asses who just want a normal Christmas.
Chuck Norris and John McClane walk into a bar.... "How tough is John McClane?" A series of vignettes centered around some reworked Chuck Norris facts. It's perfect.

District 9, There's this girl I like. "For Wikus, there is only one reason to make it through." A bittersweet post-movie story.

The Mysterious Production of Eggs (Andrew Bird album), The Red Card. F/M, some disturbing themes. "A palindrome is the same thing backwards and forwards. A fake palindrome just looks that way." THIS IS WHY I LOVE YULETIDE, because things like this exist. "Fake Palindromes" is one of those songs that has a life of its own. The album version is so mild as compared to the wild piece it's become in Bird's live show, and it's a song that's easy to underestimate until you start to tear it apart, and when you do, you wind up with powerful stuff like this. The end.
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My browser is full of a million Yuletide tabs and I'm never going to get to read everything.


Andrew Bird's The Mysterious Production of Eggs, De-mystifying the Production of Eggs. "All the Warwicks want is for the chickens to be able to produce more eggs." OMG YOU GUYS, A FIC ACTUALLY ABOUT the mysterious production of eggs. IT IS PERFECT. There are ridiculously colored chickens, and SCIENCE, and food, and a bad-ass woman highway robber, and I LOVE IT, THE END.

And for other things I've read so far and enjoyed:

(500) Days of Summer, make me dance (i want to surrender). "Summer/Husband.This is not the beginning. This is only the meeting of two people, one of whom you already know, a little and the other? the other is a stranger to you." A story about Summer meeting the man she winds up marrying. This felt really true to the movie, and also made me feel better about Summer's sudden change of heart about relationships.
30 Rock, The Peanut Butter Incident. "Liz/Jack, Liz and Jack go on a first date, but it's all for show. (Or is it? Or is it?)" A fake date, some perfect banter, and just a hint of adorableness.
Bad Romance (music video), I'm a Free Bitch. "Racquel was sent to the Haus by her parents to become the perfect girl. But she came out a Monster." This is basically a perfect fleshing out of the storyline we see in the video. Which I now want to go watch again and again and again, while reading this story.
A Complete History of the Soviet Union As Told By A Humble Worker Arranged To The Melody Of Tetris, An Incomplete History Of History, As Written For Yuletide, In Five Acts And An Epilogue. "What's the point of it all, when you’re building a wall, and in front of your eyes, it disappears?" Okay, first, go watch the music video. Then go back and read the fic. Your mind will be blown. Tetris as a metaphor for life, indeed.
Crossover: Hotel California (Eagles' song) and For Your Entertainment (Adam Lambert album). (Costing not less than everything) "A couple of hours later, he spies a glow in the distance." A fight, a flight from home, a mysterious hotel, and finding yourself when you thought you were lost. Perfect, and the two canons wind together so well.
Dexter (books), Dexter by Daylight. "We will enjoy ourselves as a family--as though love is something we are capable of--and I will do my Dexter Daddy best to follow in Harry's footsteps. Dexter and his Dark Passenger spend a Sunday with Cody, Astor and Brian." This follows the books, which are very different from the TV show, but regardless, the voices of the characters and Dexter's narration are perfect.
The Hurt Locker, Escape Becomes The Habit. William James/JT Sanborn, "In the last days of Bravo's tour, things have fallen apart for Will. He does what he always does; he pokes the snake. This time, the snake is Sanborn, and he's not afraid to strike back." Because every vaguely homoerotic military movie needs angry first time hate!sex. What?
Law & Order: SVU, Gardens Are Not Made by Singing. Munch/Fin pre-slash. "The radical nature of potatoes, compost and John Munch." I don't know if I can call this cute without Munch and Fin coming to life and finding me and Judging Me for it, but, damn, this is pretty cute, in a completely IC sort of way.
MythBusters RPF. Like Bottled Lightning. Gen, pre-show. "They watch the sun rise in the desert, and Jamie gets to ride in a helicopter, and they fire off three thousand horsepower of rockets and send up a cloud of dust that can be seen more than a mile away, and the tips of Adam’s ears and his nose and a little triangular patch on his collarbone all burn crispy in the sun. On the ride back Jamie is happy, deep-down glow type happy like he hasn’t been since the first year M5 broke even." This is just a perfect little look at the show before it was a show.
A Softer World (webcomic), maybe next year is the year (maybe last year). "Even after an alien invasion and a takeover by a dystopian government, life still has to go on somehow." I have a soft spot for stories like this, little vignettes and the apocalypse and life going on despite it all. I saw this prompt go across the pinch hitters list, and I'd half a mind to try my hand at it myself, but I'm so glad that someone else did, because I never could have created this awesomeness.


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