Mar. 7th, 2013

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Mar. 7th, 2013 08:01 pm
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 This is super belated as compared to when everyone else did theirs, but I have a few minutes of functional brain time, here's a short-but-sweet state of the pups.

Super busy/tired/unmotivated.  Work saps most of my energy, and now I'm taking a continuing education sort of class to get a certification for work (my PHR, for the curious) which comes with about a zillion pages of reading a week and I think I've forgotten how to learn, but anyway, that saps the rest of my energy.  Plus I'm closing in on putting in an offer for a condo, which also stresses me out, so tl;dr I have been a horribly slow RPer lately and I have dropped all sorts of threads and have been super slow on others and I don't know when that's going to change. Other than a couple of private threads I've got going, and tagging back the art crawl, I think I need to drop everything else old that I've got lingering. :|

Nick: As always, can use more friends.  Is settling in to being a father figure (and having a million dogs).  Could always use more friends -- it's partly been my bad RPing and partly just that he's been on the island for so long, but most of his friends keep disappearing and I've done a terrible job at getting him new ones.

Snape: His typical curmudgeonly self.  Can also use more friends.  I really need plot or something for him to do, as even though he sticks to himself, I hate having him be so idle.  I do very much love his friendship with Belle, as she is such a pro at putting up with surly individuals. He will never admit that they're friends, but they are, so there.  Anyway. Plot things you need a disgruntled ex-wizard for, give them to me.

Neal: Things have progressed with Kate finally from FWB to actual boyfriend/girlfriend.  This really happened around NYE or so, and they're both being kind of modest about it, but their threads give me much joy.  He's been making somewhat-original art thanks to Wendy's Art Crawl, though I still really want him to start offering certified copies of classic paintings to people. Canon fleshed out a little more why he has always done forgeries, not original work -- it has a lot to do with his identity issues, thanks to his plethora of daddy issues -- so I feel pretty safe in my decision to keep him largely away from original art.  Tomorrow's his one year island-versary, so expect a post from him some time in the next few days to celebrate that.  [oh, or, if I get bogged down with other stuff, I may wait until later in the month and post on his birthday, instead; if I'd remembered that, I would have put in the work to have him throw a party. ]  Otherwise, Neal is Neal -- he is my easiest to play but also the most exhausting, because he's so high energy.  The end of S4 was basically like a punch to the gut, and Neal learned some pretty important things, but I don't know if/when I'll ever make island!Neal aware of them.  There's something with the potential to be a good item somewhere down the line, but I don't know that it will have the same impact for him on the island vs. in canon.  

Maddie: Honestly probably still a little shaken up by the Ormaie trip, more than she will let on, because she had to relive a lot of bad memories and reminded her of the fact that someday, she might wake up and Julie will be gone from the island, or that she herself will have returned back home.  Other than that, I enjoy her friendship with Henry and I look forward to threading them more.  I've been lax in threading her - she's easy to get out there as she'll talk to anyone, I'm just spectacularly lazy.  :(

Future: No one, at the moment, as I'm barely keeping my head above water as is.  I've been thinking of bringing an original character to Killjoy, and have a few characters I want to play who'd work best in Darrow, and I still desperately want to play George Mason at TR but feel like she would be really hard to play if I didn't know that a Shaun was going to be forthcoming.  But, like I said, I need to get back on track with regularly returning tags at TR before considering anyone else.


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