Sep. 2nd, 2012

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* i blinked and now august is over, where has the time gone.

* i am still tired and disgruntled and blah and whatever. there are not enough hours in the day to get everything done and my apartment's amess and and and.

* i've been volunteering for the obama campaign since earlier in the summer and i've got to say, it feels really good to get involved. sittingaround shaking my fists of rage at twitter and tumblr and facebook doesn't do much other than raise my blood pressure and make meirritable. i said this on tumblr a while ago, but it bears repeating here:

Even if you live in a solidly blue state like I do, you can still make a difference! And don’t be afraid that you can’t get involved because you have major phone anxieties and can’t do phone banks! I explained to my field organizer that I wasn’t comfortable on the phones, and she set me up to do the data entry for her phone banks instead. It might not seem like a lot, because entering information into a database isn’t exactly glamorous, but the data work I do frees up my team lead to be able to make connections with more volunteers and make more phone calls of her own, whether she’s recruiting potential volunteers or canvassing out-of-state voters in battleground states like Iowa and Indiana. Your local campaign leaders may also be able to set you up with volunteer-from-home opportunities, too, if time or commute is an issue.

Go to and check out the “Get Involved” tab to find volunteer groups near you!
* and of course not long after i wrote that in the first place, my neighborhood team leader moved up to be a community organizer for the far north side of chicago so guess who got wrangled into being the neighborhood team lead for her ward? yeah, me.  it's going to be a huge time suck, but, well, we're only 60-some days out from the election, so it won't be that long of a commitment, and it involves some phone calling but not a lot, and i can mostly hoard all the follow-up "you told us you wanted more information on volunteering, here it is!" phone calls to myself instead of calling in to iowa to try to persuade people to do things. 

* i finally gave in and watched s1 of teen wolf.  it was surprisingly enjoyable, though tumblr/fandom totally misleads when it comes to what the show is actually about.  it is not actually the derek/stiles show, for the record.   i don't feel the burning desire to get all fannish about it, but i will eventually acquire s2 and watch that.

* also started my eleventh doctor rewatch, a bit belated (i wanted to have it done by the time the new season started but clearly did not get there).  i watched s5 so quickly that i really didn't absorb a lot of it, so, rewatch.  

* also, all the love ever for white collar, still, always.  i will need to do a s4 rewatch at the season break, which should be coming up soon, mostly because i watch with coworker h, who is great fun but who is also a tv talker, so i miss little bits here and there.  also, there has been a lot of shirtless neal this season, so, yes please.

* other than that, yes, i am just insanely tired all the time and when i get home it's often all i can do to not faceplant on the bed.  work continues to be work -- frustrating at times, sometimes rewarding, often neurotic -- but they pay me too well for me to really consider jumping ship.  i may look into getting my phr certification this year (professional in human resources) once i've passed the 2-year mark at the firm, so that they'll pay for the class for me.  it's not something i or my employer really cares much about, but it looks good on a resume and i'm the only one in my department without it, so, whatever.  i had thought about going back for an mba/masters in hr, but that's a lot of money and they won't pay for everything, so that will have to wait, if i ever do it at all.


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