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FIRST, about me since I am Terrible at Fandom Branding and use a different name everywhere:

I am @goorgoahead on Twitter, othersideofthis on Tumblr, and hikaru on AO3. Perusing all three of those things will give you a general picture of what I'm into, the kinds of stuff I've written, what I'm excited about, etc.

I'm going to kind of crib the gist of this letter from my Yuletide sign-up, but here goes:

You write things, I am filled with glee. Simple? Simple. I am pretty easygoing when it comes to receiving fic. You write a fic, I read it, I roll around in glee and demand everyone I know take the time out to read it, too. Don't stress out about it -- I know there's always a tendency to fret and worry and think your fic isn't good enough, but it will be, I promise! I have very few hard NOs anyway, and just the fact that you're taking the time to write a fic specifically for me is like, 10000x fantastic.  

Stuff I Like

AUs of pretty much all shapes and sizes (see the "stuff I don't like" section for the ones I'm more meh on). Coming out. Open relationships, consensual infidelity. Dystopia/apocalypse. Zombies. Survival. Team/ensemble fic, bonding over weird circumstances, misunderstandings that get resolved. Humor, acknowledging the ridiculousness in life, things that aren't perfect (like, who hasn't spilled food on them at a meal or tripped over their own pants when they're trying to get busy). World-building. Magical realism. Platonic touching that evolves into non-platonic touching. Found families. Starting over. Snark, missed connections, unrequited love, forbidden relationships, cuddling, hurt/comfort, angst, exploration, spur of the moment sex, public could-get-caught-at-any-moment sex, quiet moments. Fake dating/fake married/marriage of convenience.

I'm okay with happy and joyful stories, I'm okay with dark and grim, and I'll take anything in between. It's all about tone and keeping true to source. I like long, meaty plots, and I also like short little vignettes. Whatever your brain provides, I will enjoy. Maybe the assigned pairing lends itself more towards intrigue and wacky hijinx, anyway. I like AUs and "what would happen if X instead of Y" and tweaking just a few tiny things in any given universe. Really, the most important thing is having the fic feel true to its source. I know we're playing with fictionalized versions of real people, but I still want the dudes to be recognizable, you know?

Also, like: do not feel obligated to write sexytimes stuff.  If you want to handwave it, or only write the makeouts, or not write anything at all, that is fine. Not all stories need porn of any level of explicitness, so write what you're comfortable with.   

Stuff I Don't Like

I don't like crack fic or things that are vastly OOC (as in, characters aren't just going to have complete personality transplants). Fluff is okay, especially if the whole point of the story is to explore a nice happy shiny moment between characters.

In general, no to major character death, a/b/o, D/s. kneeling-verse, hardcore fetish/kink, torture or extreme physical violence, animal cruelty, things involving blood or bathroom-related bodily fluids, and bestiality. I don't know how any of these things would come up, but spending many formative years in the Harry Potter fandom has made me feel obliged to list these things. No characters-who-magically-transform-into-animals. I'm okay with dark fic as long as it's got at least a somewhat resolved ending. Kid-fic, whether by mpreg, magical baby acquisition, whoops-someone-got-knocked-up, or whatever. If you're including real-life partners, please don't demonize the women involved.

Prompt Specific Stuff

Jeff Carter/Mike Richards

The douchebag soulmates of my heart.  Their real life dumb fucked-up story just does it for me on so many levels -- like, who needs a fannish narrative when you've got all the shit they've been through.  A lot of things on my "no" list go out the window. Like, you have a super gritty fucked-up story you want to tell? I'm here for it. You have an idea that works best in kneeling verse? Sweet. You want to write about Mike Richards, secret sub, needing to go under for Carts to find some sort of peace in his fucked up life? Give me all the words on that. Like, in my prompt I say "just fuck me up" and I pretty much mean it.

That's not to say that if your idea is super lighthearted or silly or whatever, that I don't want it -- quite the opposite, I would also be all over that. Like, give me the fake dating AU of your heart. Give me Jeff the barista just making ends meet, and Mike the surly asshole who talks on his phone in line every morning. Give me sappy post-Stanley Cup cuteness. Give me werido rookies in love. All of these things!! But I just want to be clear that if you want to take a more serious route with this, you can.

A note to anyone driving by who hasn't seen my request form thing: if you're going to use Mike's (alleged) substance abuse issues as a plot point, please just do it well. As someone from a family with a long history of addiction, and whom in past academic lives has done a lot of research and studying around the idea of addiction, I'm going to have a hard time loving something trivializes or demonizes or makes light of the subject.

Sidney Crosby/Jonathan Toews

Both of these dudes fascinate me.  If you don't already know me, I am like a ride-or-die Blackhawks fan, but I grew up outside of Pittsburgh so I have a lot of feelings for the Penguins, and there's a lot about the version of Sidney Crosby that we get via the media that I can really identify with. I just love both of these guys -- their passion, the different ways they lead a team, the way they get compared to each other in this manufactured rivalry for the media. 

So. Like, this can be a rivalry/grudge thing. This can be a serious thing. This can be a post-Olympics we-just-won-another-gold-medal spur of the moment thing.  The only thing I don't want is the whole "hockey robots" thing. I don't think it's true for either of them, and unless you find some new, fresh take on it, I'd rather we not go there. 

Tanner Pearson/Tyler Toffoli

Look, I mean, if this video or this video doesn't make you love Tanner and Tyler (and also Martin Jones, who, like, you can throw him into this prompt even though he's not in it, that's cool, that's real cool, I am on board), then I don't know what to tell you.  

They're both new enough to the league and relatively unknown enough that they're pretty blank slate enough to shove into any scenario.  I'd kind of love to see any sort of AU for them -- either totally removed from hockey (college students AU! work at the same weird bookstore AU!) or where one's still a hockey player and the other isn't.  You can go real life -- like, Tanner broke his leg and Tyler had mono, and now Martin's going to San Jose and the Kings are like ... kind of a tire fire of drama right now, so there's plenty to work with there as well.

Oliver Ekman-Larsson/Mikkel Boedker

If the end result of this exchange is even ONE more fic for them, I will be so very pleased. I love these two codependent weirdos and will just ... literally take whatever I can get here. 

But, okay, so two ideas I had been kicking around on my own that I now release to you, potential writer:

1. There's this pic from the offseason of OEL in like a leather jacket looking like a wanna-be retro greaser. I don't entirely know what you can do with that -- Grease AU? motorcycle dude AU? i don't care -- but use it as you will.

2. Five times OEL and Boeds tried to be adventurous and one time they were like hah, never mind. Like, even though they're like, what, 24/25 year olds, they strike me as very "old marrieds". I want them like, trying to spice up their life and then being like, oh, we're so stupid in love that we don't need to try to awkwardly role-play or something. 

Also if you are just passing through and you're like "tell me more about these guys on this team that everyone makes fun of" please just watch this video -- it's two minutes long -- and if you're not shipping it by like the 30 second mark -- THAT FACE MIKKEL GIVES OLIVER, LIKE, COME ON -- like, I'll give you your internet money back.   

Date: 2015-08-16 09:18 pm (UTC)
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Thank you! This answers my question perfectly. I'm really excited about your fic :)


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