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Dear Yuletide Author...

This is largely a rehash of last year's Yuletide letter, since things are largely the same, except for the prompts.

Without further ado, here are some thoughts for you.

You write things, I am filled with glee. Simple? Simple. I am pretty easygoing when it comes to Yuletide. You write a fic, I read it, I roll around in glee and demand everyone I know take the time out to read it, too. Don't stress out about it -- I know even among veteran Yuletiders there's a tendency to fret and worry and think your fic isn't good enough, but it will be, I promise!

I feel like my Yuletide letter is always completely unhelpful, but I'll write it anyway.

Stuff I Like

AUs of pretty much all shapes and sizes (see the "stuff I don't like" section for the ones I'm more meh on). Coming out. Open relationships, consensual infidelity. Team/ensemble fic, bonding over weird circumstances, misunderstandings that get resolved. Humor, acknowledging the ridiculousness in life, things that aren't perfect (like, who hasn't spilled food on them at a meal or tripped over their own pants when they're trying to get busy). World-building. Magical realism. Platonic touching that evolves into non-platonic touching. Found families. Starting over.

Women being badasses, snark, missed connections, unrequited love, forbidden relationships, awkward yet humorous series cuddling, hurt/comfort, angst, exploration, spur of the moment sex, public could-get-caught-at-any-moment sex, quiet moments. Fake dating/fake married/marriage of convenience.

I'm okay with happy and joyful stories, I'm okay with dark and grim, and I'll take anything in between. It's all about tone and keeping true to source. I like long, meaty plots, and I also like short little vignettes. Whatever your brain provides, I will enjoy. Some fandoms lend themselves more towards intrigue and wacky hijinx, anyway. I like AUs and "what would happen if X instead of Y" and tweaking just a few tiny tings in any given universe. Really, the most important thing is having the fic feel true to its source. My favorite fics are the ones where I feel like I could print them out and stick them seamlessly into the original canon.

Stuff I Don't Like

I don't like crack fic or things that are vastly OOC (as in, characters aren't just going to have complete personality transplants). Fluff is okay, especially if the whole point of the story is to explore a nice happy shiny moment between characters.

No to: Major character death, a/b/o, hardcore fetish/kink, torture or extreme physical violence, animal cruelty, things involving blood or bathroom-related bodily fluids, and bestiality. I don't know how any of these things would come up, but being in HP fandom has made me neurotic about listing these things. Characters-who-magically-transform-into-animals. I'm okay with dark fic as long as it's got at least a somewhat happy or resolved ending. Kid-fic.

Feel free to check out my AO3 profile to get a glimpse of what I've written, since that may give you a better idea as to what I like to read. Also, here's my Tumblr, which maybe will tell you things?

The Prompts

Generation Kill
Nate Fick, Brad Colbert

Alright, so I am actually new to this fandom, having just finally watched GenKill earlier this year, so I in all honesty will read ANYTHING.
Post Nate-getting-out-of-the-military? Yes. Some kind of AU? Yes. Set during the show? Yes. I literally do not care.
I ship Nate and Brad but if you don't, that is cool, I love their dynamic even platonically, so I will take what I can get.

Seriously, I want to read anything for them. I haven't really spent much time reading fic after watching the series, so there's no worries about writing something that feels like it's been done a million times already. Do

Kushiel's Legacy - Jacqueline Carey
Phedre no Delaunay, Hyacinthe, Joscelin Verreuil

A blast from Yuletides past, I will take anything with this trio. I love them just as BFFs, I also love them as an OT3, so whatever direction you take this in is fine for me. Set it at any time in the series, go AU with it, whatever, just as long as I get to see their delightful dynamic in play again.

This is one fandom where I don't mind if things go dark -- I mean, it suits the canon, doesn't it, to be a little edgier? -- but I still think I'd like a happy ending for the three of them, instead of the bittersweet parting we got in canon. You can go the bittersweet route if that's what the story tells you, but just... sell me on it. I don't like sad/dark just for sad/dark's sake, it needs to have a point.
Dallas Stars RPF
Jamie Benn, Tyler Seguin

I love these two weirdos so much, they're basically the definition of "found family" and getting to coerce other people into writing them for me is like the joy of my Yuletide.
I love stories set in the real "canon" world, so feel free to follow whatever developments the season gives you between now and Yuletide. Or write future!fic. Or write past!fic. Or take it AU. A world in which Tyler never got traded to Dallas. A world in which Jamie decided to focus on baseball instead of hockey. Someone's a girl. Someone's trans. Someone runs a bakery or a tattoo shop or is a lumberjack, I don't care.
If you don't??? ship??? them??? I am fine with them just being ridiculous bros, it's all good.
Look if you don't already love these two weirdos, I can't help you, but I can give you this:

Also, Tyler makes ridiculous porn faces like this, ALL THE TIME:

I mean, if you're looking at the hockey RPF prompt, you probably already know what you're in for, but I thought I'd just leave those there for you.

I will seriously read anything about them. They hit so many of my found family/starting over/second chances buttons that I can't even stand it. Give me your AUs, your fake dating, your endless pining. Give me dating-without-knowing-they're-dating. Give me anything involving Tyler's dogs. I don't care, I will read it and make screeching happy noises.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (TV)
Terry Jeffords
TERRY IS MY FAVORITE, he turns so many tropes upside down and I love every minute he's on the show. I'd love something Terry-focused -- it can be out in the field, in the precinct, at home, whatever -- and you can include whatever other characters from the show that strike your fancy. This show has quickly become a favorite for me so I'd love anything that captures the wacky, loving, found family vibe the show has going on.
Like I said, Terry is pretty great, and I'd love anything that focuses on him. My close second favorite is Rosa, so feel free to use her, but I really just love the whole cast. I know this isn't a ton to go on, but the show is just ripe with possibilities, if you ask me.


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