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Nov. 30th, 2012 09:38 am
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State of Me

HEY SO let's do one of these again.

I think I'm mostly recovered from post campaign exhaustion. I thought I'd be able to bounce back right into life after election day but instead all I've done is a) sleep b) eat c) watch tv d) sleep more. And then I got sick.

Now I'm not, though.

I'm still busy and tired and unmotivated and such, but am slowly working my way back into doing tags.

Nick Stokes

Lots has happened for Nick lately, it's just all still being threaded out. Whoops. After he and Karen suffered through ANOTHER round of disappearances, they just went and got themselves surprise married. SURPRISE. Of course, after that, he went and got himself buried alive, so that's no fun.

In progress: The Surprise Wedding; Halloween fear-plot.

In the future: I will probably want to get him into therapy again to talk through what Fearplot did to him - there are going to be repercussions for him psychologically that I can't sweep under the rug. I want to get that thread moving along a little more before I do anything else with him. Also, I don't know how much I'm allowed to say because it relates to someone else's disappearance, but... SURPRISE, Nick, soon your life is going to CHANGE DRASTICALLY. He won't have time to wonder about his own stability because of how quick things are going to change.

Severus Snape

Oh, Snape. :| If anyone's in danger of being dropped, it's him, as I just feel like here, I don't know what to do with him. I think this comes from me just being exhausted and trying to get back into the grind of RP rather than a real genuine dissatisfaction with playing him, though. I really don't want to drop him, as he is one of my favorite characters ever and his voice still comes so easily, he just needs something to do, some sort of project or plot or something. I am terrible at generating my own plot. Sigh.

In progress: Nothing

In the future: I think I will probably give him an EP in early December, as he's the one who has gone the longest without tags, and he's also the hardest to tag into places. He's enrolled in classes for the next term, where he will continue to be an asshole to everyone. I hope for something fun and hilarious to come out of the fact that I signed him up for the Debate class. He just wants to yell at people and make them think they're right. He may be somewhat misguided as to how debate actually works. I can always use more threads for him, with friends or people who will force him to be friends or something.

Neal Caffrey

Oh, Neal, my darling precious Neal, I feel like my being away hurt him the most because he is such a social butterfly and he has been caged for so long. I am going to rewatch some episodes to get back in his head and then slowly start throwing him back in the game.

He still has a thing going on with Kate and he is probably trying very hard to just keep his ~feelings~ to himself since he is generally a pro at feeling WAY too much for a lady WAY too quickly and then having it all fall apart. (See: how long he pined after canon!Kate before she agreed to be with him, and then add up how little time they actually spent together in canon and he was still ready to propose and do the white picket fence thing.)

In progress: Homeplot with Kate, helping dig up Nick, shenanigans with drunken Kate. Also need to put up a start for Peter.

In the future: He's signed up for another eclectic round of classes at the island school. He will try not to be too infuriating in any of them. The island change for December will fill him with love and longing and a lot of feelings, since it will be New York but it won't be his New York, not quite. That won't stop him from looking for his home, looking for his landmarks, his stomping grounds, the places that made the city his. He'll definitely be getting an EP during the December plot. Attn: Peter, please keep close tabs on Neal during this time. I can't guarantee he won't try anything.

Maddie Brodatt

Oh, Maddie, I brought you to the island and then had my life implode on me. I am the worst. :( Sometimes I forget that with book characters, I need to constantly be in their canons, even if it's only reading a few pages before tagging. I have played enough book characters that I should know this by now, and yet I still screw it up. Ah well, onward and upwards.

In progress: Need to tag back Julie in the dance thread.

Coming up: Nothing of note. I've signed her up for some interesting classes for the upcoming term - an eclectic group of things as she tries to figure out what she wants to do with her life on the island. I want to push her towards something engineer-y, where she will get to tinker with engines and build things, but she'll need someone to push her towards that option, as I don't know that she'd really think of it herself.


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