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State of Me

I actually did really well and made reqs by the first half of the month, although now I seem to have lost steam and am really slow on responses to threads. I just discovered a whole bunch that are over a week old, which somehow escaped my notice, which now makes me feel crappy, ugh, so I will probably go through them to see if any are plotty and need to be kept. (If I owe you a severely overdue tag and you definitely want to continue the thread, let me know and I'll be glad to.) I had a lot of tags this month but not many big changes or updates for my pups, so there's not a whole lot of new information here.

Things are still kind of busy here. I changed desks at work so my computer actually faces more people, which makes work tagging harder since more people walk past me. I ranwalked my 5k this week and have now signed up for another one next weekend so I can't take that much relaxation time off.

Nick Stokes

Nick is super happy and content right now, between teaching his class at the island school, working with the IPD on teaching CSI-y things, etc. I mean to send out an email to his students about a syllabus and a possible class post later on down the line. Since there are two actual cops, one cop tag-along, and one Bat in his class, he'll probably make it a little bit less introductory than he would otherwise, which might free him up to do something more hands-on as a final project. Still need to think about that.

Coming up: Fearplot. Maybe starting in July? I am still pretty intent on compressing his into a shorter period of time. I may EP him this month while watching the season finale of CSI, for great Feelings About Home justice. Other than that, he continues to be happy and content in just existing on the island.

Severus Snape

Love his EP at the Whomping Willow, although those are some of the tags that I fell down on, because I suck. :|

He signed up for several classes at Island School, most of which are concessions to the fact that he is stuck in Muggle stupidity and might as well learn to be competent in all sorts of things on the island. No EP for June, but I hope to tag him off of some of his fellow students and teachers, because there is a ton of potential there. The idea of Snape and Erik sitting in the back of class, scowling down at all the people they feel smarter than, is a very, very priceless image.

Neal Caffrey

I did not EP Neal and he still has the most threads out of all my pups and they all bring me such joy! He is signed up for a random assortment of classes at the island school, he is making friends, he is working in a casino, he is flirting shamelessly with beautiful women, he is effing perfect. He is stunningly easy for me to channel -- when I'm tagging from work, I usually limit myself to tagging as one pup, since I don't have LJ Juggler or anything installed, and it's usually Neal that I pick.

I will probably EP him in June because, well, I just will not be able to stop myself, really. I don't have any EP ideas yet -- suggestions welcome! -- but I'm sure I can come up with something. Perhaps one where he's drawing, since he's now in the drawing class and will have access to art materials, I'm assuming. I love all of his interactions with the Glee pups, which gives me great joy. He's just such a slick bastard that he can go anywhere and do anything and make people like him anyway.

The Future?

Georgia Mason

fffff I can't talk much about George without spoiling any of her canon, but reading the last book just made me want her so much more than I already did, even if she will be miserable and pissed off without a Shaun. (I will hope that I will be able to coerce someone, anyone, into playing Shaun, for great justice. Someone read these books and give me a Shaun! He is awesome and also kind of bat-shit crazy.) I will probably put her in POTF in June to test her out, and then app hopefully in June or July (though I'm probably also going to write the app now). It is going to be important for me to pick the right debut point -- I feel like taking her from the wrong place could sink her as a viable character who would adapt to the island. I'm not married to Kate Bracken as the PB, but Manda suggested her and she mostly fits with what I envisioned. I've got a while to figure it out.
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