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Apr. 30th, 2012 10:19 am
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State of Me

I had great intentions for April, but it wound up being kind of a wash, too, as my main tagging mojo has been All Neal, All the Time. I think I need one more tag for Snape to make reqs, so I might just throw him belatedly at someone in the hoedown, or I might just let it go.

In general, I'm good but tired all the time and kind of blah. May is a relatively low-key sort of month for me -- I should be in town for the whole time, and only have a couple of concerts on the radar. I'm "training" for a 5k at the end of the month, so regular gym-time will eat into my schedule a bit, but I guess it's worth it in order to not be out of breath after jogging for a minute?

Nick Stokes

(Look, I was not joking when I said that I was going to keep using that GIF until I found one I liked better.)

I volunteered Nick to teach an Introduction to Forensic Science class next term, which will cover the basics of "this is why fingerprints/hair/DNA are important" and "this is what we do with them". It would probably be a little basic for anyone who has more than passing familiarity with the subject but good for beginners/people just interested in learning more/people not from modern times. My alma mater has an awesome forensic science program (no, seriously, I got super jealous looking at the course offerings and it made me wish I was better at science) that I am probably just going to lift a syllabus from, for interested parties. He's also got a backdated thread with Danny and Kate for great CSI justice.

Coming up: still need to get on Fearplot for him. I need to start it soon, but I kind of like the idea of compressing it all into a shorter period of time for him. Give him a false sense of security, since I'm sure word is out now that people are hallucinating terrible things, and then bam, horribleness. I'm a terrible person.

Also, I haven't kept up with CSI this season, but spoilers are saying the season finale is a bit Nick-centric and leaves him sort of at a crossroads. Once I get around to catching up with the season, or at least watching the finale and Wikipedia-ing everything else, perhaps I'll give Nick a little sit-down with the film projector, so he can do a little bit of "so that's what my life is like back home" sort of reflecting. It's been a while since I've caught him up with canon back home -- probably not since Warrick, at least -- so he's due for a little reminder of what he's left behind in Vegas.

Severus Snape

(This is the same GIF as last time only because the Louis Garrel tag on Tumblr is full of porn and I would like to not get fired.)

Another easy month for him, although I swear I'm finally going to get to that EP for him at the beginning of May. It'll be the Whomping Willow EP I've been planning for a while now, so there is that. Draco (and Luna) are also disappearing soonish, so that will make him sad in his own Snapely way if only because, no matter how awkward it was, he had a bit of a kindred, curmudgeonly spirit in Draco.

Aside from that, I plan on signing him up for some classes at Island School, no matter how reluctant he feels about it. Otherwise, he doesn't have that much to do. He's miserable on the island and he hates everything and everyone, but this only makes him more fun to play. He can always use more "friends" and antagonistic interactions with pretty much anything that breathes.

Neal Caffrey

Neaaaaaaal. Neaaaaaaal. I love him so much. I could basically play him all the time and be happy. If something terrible happened and I had to only ever play one pup again, right now, I'd probably pick him. He's so fun to just throw into any situation, with any person, and see him make it work. I love writing his narrative, which is this constant battle to be good as he fights against a little voice in the back of his head that says he should fess up now and be honest with everyone, and the stronger voice that says that self-preservation is far more important. His lies weigh on him, because even though this is the sort of island-getaway/new-life that he'd been heading towards, he didn't want it. He just wants to go back to being Neal Caffrey, but he can't/won't (yet).

He's currently got a backdated thread going on where he's exploring the haunted gold mine thing, so that will keep him busy for a while. He'll take a bit of a back burner this month as I try to EP Snape and maybe Nick, but, well, who am I kidding, all I do are see EPs that I want to tag him in to, so, well. I plan on signing him up for some classes at Island School -- definitely an art class or two, where he will have to pretend to be incompetent, and one of the weaponry classes (or other sort of self-defense/fighting program). Take that, FBI's refusal to pay for Neal to have any sort of defense training.

The Future?

I still would really like to play Brandon from Shame, although that requires rewatching the movie. I think he may function better at The City than at TR, although I still don't know that I'd be able to handle keeping up with two games at once, and also, TR would be good because it would be a complete and total shock to him, while Darrow would be something more familiar. I also still really want to play George Mason from the Newsflesh trilogy, which will require a) the last book in canon to come out and b) a reread and c) making sure I've got the voice and d) also the same problem as Brandon, figuring out where is best for both the character and my own sanity.
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