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There is a crack in everything (that's how the light gets in.)
Hockey RPF - Tyler Seguin/Jamie Benn; past Tyler Seguin/Brad Marchand
No matter how far wrong you've gone, you can always turn around.

Tyler takes a long route to Jamie, here. Tyler gets fucked up and fucked over. He's so delightfully Tyler, messy and complicated and wounded from his time in Boston and trying his best but not always getting there, and this version of Jamie is a bit rough, a lot protective, not too good at his words. They get there, though, they always do.

maybe tomorrow (maybe next year)
Generation Kill - Brad Colbert/Nate Fick
Turns out Nate's situational awareness doesn't extend quite far enough, after all.

The voices here are just so spot on. Like, I can hear the dialogue in their voices, see the mannerisms, everything. These guys take a long time to get where they're going, too. They fuck it up, because why wouldn't they? Of course they did. The fic is just so perfectly them, right down to the way they finally get their shit straight. It's making me want to go rewatch the show, is what this fic's doing.

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Dear Yuletide Author...

This is largely a rehash of last year's Yuletide letter, since things are largely the same, except for the prompts.

Without further ado, here are some thoughts for you.

You write things, I am filled with glee. Simple? Simple. I am pretty easygoing when it comes to Yuletide. You write a fic, I read it, I roll around in glee and demand everyone I know take the time out to read it, too. Don't stress out about it -- I know even among veteran Yuletiders there's a tendency to fret and worry and think your fic isn't good enough, but it will be, I promise!

I feel like my Yuletide letter is always completely unhelpful, but I'll write it anyway.

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Dear Yuletide Author...

This is largely a rehash of last year's Yuletide letter, since things are largely the same, except for the prompts.

Without further ado, here are some thoughts for you.

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[ sotp ]

Mar. 7th, 2013 08:01 pm
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 This is super belated as compared to when everyone else did theirs, but I have a few minutes of functional brain time, here's a short-but-sweet state of the pups.

Super busy/tired/unmotivated.  Work saps most of my energy, and now I'm taking a continuing education sort of class to get a certification for work (my PHR, for the curious) which comes with about a zillion pages of reading a week and I think I've forgotten how to learn, but anyway, that saps the rest of my energy.  Plus I'm closing in on putting in an offer for a condo, which also stresses me out, so tl;dr I have been a horribly slow RPer lately and I have dropped all sorts of threads and have been super slow on others and I don't know when that's going to change. Other than a couple of private threads I've got going, and tagging back the art crawl, I think I need to drop everything else old that I've got lingering. :|

Nick: As always, can use more friends.  Is settling in to being a father figure (and having a million dogs).  Could always use more friends -- it's partly been my bad RPing and partly just that he's been on the island for so long, but most of his friends keep disappearing and I've done a terrible job at getting him new ones.

Snape: His typical curmudgeonly self.  Can also use more friends.  I really need plot or something for him to do, as even though he sticks to himself, I hate having him be so idle.  I do very much love his friendship with Belle, as she is such a pro at putting up with surly individuals. He will never admit that they're friends, but they are, so there.  Anyway. Plot things you need a disgruntled ex-wizard for, give them to me.

Neal: Things have progressed with Kate finally from FWB to actual boyfriend/girlfriend.  This really happened around NYE or so, and they're both being kind of modest about it, but their threads give me much joy.  He's been making somewhat-original art thanks to Wendy's Art Crawl, though I still really want him to start offering certified copies of classic paintings to people. Canon fleshed out a little more why he has always done forgeries, not original work -- it has a lot to do with his identity issues, thanks to his plethora of daddy issues -- so I feel pretty safe in my decision to keep him largely away from original art.  Tomorrow's his one year island-versary, so expect a post from him some time in the next few days to celebrate that.  [oh, or, if I get bogged down with other stuff, I may wait until later in the month and post on his birthday, instead; if I'd remembered that, I would have put in the work to have him throw a party. ]  Otherwise, Neal is Neal -- he is my easiest to play but also the most exhausting, because he's so high energy.  The end of S4 was basically like a punch to the gut, and Neal learned some pretty important things, but I don't know if/when I'll ever make island!Neal aware of them.  There's something with the potential to be a good item somewhere down the line, but I don't know that it will have the same impact for him on the island vs. in canon.  

Maddie: Honestly probably still a little shaken up by the Ormaie trip, more than she will let on, because she had to relive a lot of bad memories and reminded her of the fact that someday, she might wake up and Julie will be gone from the island, or that she herself will have returned back home.  Other than that, I enjoy her friendship with Henry and I look forward to threading them more.  I've been lax in threading her - she's easy to get out there as she'll talk to anyone, I'm just spectacularly lazy.  :(

Future: No one, at the moment, as I'm barely keeping my head above water as is.  I've been thinking of bringing an original character to Killjoy, and have a few characters I want to play who'd work best in Darrow, and I still desperately want to play George Mason at TR but feel like she would be really hard to play if I didn't know that a Shaun was going to be forthcoming.  But, like I said, I need to get back on track with regularly returning tags at TR before considering anyone else.
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I failed at keeping up with this in 2012. Let's see if I do any better in 2013.

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It's almost time again for me to do my one-time-only holiday themed show on hipster radio. (This may turn into a two-time-only offer if I wind up taking an additional show on Christmas day.) As I generally try to avoid listening to holiday music at all costs, my collection can surely stand to have some additions.

So, just about anything goes. No profanity, but other than that, any recommendations are okay. My show tends to run towards being folk/alt-country heavy but I'll play just about anything. Indie rock, rap, gospel, actual legit carols, etc. For reference, here's the playlist from the holiday show I did last year.

Uploads are awesome, but not necessary. Between Youtube and Spotify pretty much everything is on the internet these days.

[tr: sotp]

Nov. 30th, 2012 09:38 am
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State of Me

HEY SO let's do one of these again.

I think I'm mostly recovered from post campaign exhaustion. I thought I'd be able to bounce back right into life after election day but instead all I've done is a) sleep b) eat c) watch tv d) sleep more. And then I got sick.

Now I'm not, though.

I'm still busy and tired and unmotivated and such, but am slowly working my way back into doing tags.

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Dear Yuletide Author...

You write things, I am filled with glee. Simple? Simple. I am pretty easygoing when it comes to Yuletide. You write a fic, I read it, I roll around in glee and demand everyone I know take the time out to read it, too. Don't stress out about it -- I know even among veteran Yuletiders there's a tendency to fret and worry and think your fic isn't good enough, but it will be, I promise!

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State of Me

Ugh I am just so tired all the time, it is so hard to stay motivated when all you want to do is sleep.

I did a decent job of cleaning out my inbox earlier today - I've got two tags left to get back to, and one is a Neal tag that's going to take more brain power than I've got right now, so that's going to have to wait.

I am going to be super busy between now and November, as I volunteer with the Obama campaign and have been sucked into a more responsible role, which equals huge time suck. My days post-work are pretty much going to look like this:

Monday: Phone bank / Tuesday: White Collar night / Wednesday: ??! / Thursday: Phone bank / Friday: hipster radio. With Saturdays being taken up by 5ks or hipster radio things or band gigs or something, and Sundays being more phone banking and also band practice.

So, tl;dr I am still here but on a very reduced basis through the beginning of November. If there's something going on with your pups that I should know about, or a post that I should tag into but haven't, please don't think I'm ignoring you, I just might not have seen it. (Or it's been sitting open in a tab for a week and I just never got to it yet.)

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* i blinked and now august is over, where has the time gone.

* i am still tired and disgruntled and blah and whatever. there are not enough hours in the day to get everything done and my apartment's amess and and and.

* i've been volunteering for the obama campaign since earlier in the summer and i've got to say, it feels really good to get involved. sittingaround shaking my fists of rage at twitter and tumblr and facebook doesn't do much other than raise my blood pressure and make meirritable. i said this on tumblr a while ago, but it bears repeating here:

Even if you live in a solidly blue state like I do, you can still make a difference! And don’t be afraid that you can’t get involved because you have major phone anxieties and can’t do phone banks! I explained to my field organizer that I wasn’t comfortable on the phones, and she set me up to do the data entry for her phone banks instead. It might not seem like a lot, because entering information into a database isn’t exactly glamorous, but the data work I do frees up my team lead to be able to make connections with more volunteers and make more phone calls of her own, whether she’s recruiting potential volunteers or canvassing out-of-state voters in battleground states like Iowa and Indiana. Your local campaign leaders may also be able to set you up with volunteer-from-home opportunities, too, if time or commute is an issue.

Go to BarackObama.com and check out the “Get Involved” tab to find volunteer groups near you!
* and of course not long after i wrote that in the first place, my neighborhood team leader moved up to be a community organizer for the far north side of chicago so guess who got wrangled into being the neighborhood team lead for her ward? yeah, me.  it's going to be a huge time suck, but, well, we're only 60-some days out from the election, so it won't be that long of a commitment, and it involves some phone calling but not a lot, and i can mostly hoard all the follow-up "you told us you wanted more information on volunteering, here it is!" phone calls to myself instead of calling in to iowa to try to persuade people to do things. 

* i finally gave in and watched s1 of teen wolf.  it was surprisingly enjoyable, though tumblr/fandom totally misleads when it comes to what the show is actually about.  it is not actually the derek/stiles show, for the record.   i don't feel the burning desire to get all fannish about it, but i will eventually acquire s2 and watch that.

* also started my eleventh doctor rewatch, a bit belated (i wanted to have it done by the time the new season started but clearly did not get there).  i watched s5 so quickly that i really didn't absorb a lot of it, so, rewatch.  

* also, all the love ever for white collar, still, always.  i will need to do a s4 rewatch at the season break, which should be coming up soon, mostly because i watch with coworker h, who is great fun but who is also a tv talker, so i miss little bits here and there.  also, there has been a lot of shirtless neal this season, so, yes please.

* other than that, yes, i am just insanely tired all the time and when i get home it's often all i can do to not faceplant on the bed.  work continues to be work -- frustrating at times, sometimes rewarding, often neurotic -- but they pay me too well for me to really consider jumping ship.  i may look into getting my phr certification this year (professional in human resources) once i've passed the 2-year mark at the firm, so that they'll pay for the class for me.  it's not something i or my employer really cares much about, but it looks good on a resume and i'm the only one in my department without it, so, whatever.  i had thought about going back for an mba/masters in hr, but that's a lot of money and they won't pay for everything, so that will have to wait, if i ever do it at all.

[TR: SotP]

Jul. 30th, 2012 03:20 pm
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State of Me

I am tired and borderline sick (I have not been able to stop sneezing all day) and have fallen behind on just about everything, though am only one thread away from making reqs for July. I don't know how that happened.

Right now, I'm working on catching up with all the tags I've got -- all of which are threads I enjoy, which is making me less likely to want to drop them -- but I'm still really learning that if I don't keep on top of them and stay excited about what I'm writing, that I am more likely to lose interest. It's interesting that it's taken this many years of RPing for me to finally come back around and start figuring out a system that works with my real life the way it is now.

And the pups... )
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State of Me

I feel that I did pretty well this month, for as unmotivated I've been in real life. I think I'm doing pretty well at finding what works for me in regards to how many threads I can maintain at a time (the magic number seems to be around 10), I have a handful of outstanding tags that I've been slogging through but most of them seem to be coming to a close.

July is going to be a little hectic for me -- I'm aiming on bringing a new pup at the beginning of the month, Neal may be having some Big Life Changes happening, and I'll be out of town from July 12 through the 16. I'll be at a music festival in Kentucky and will have some internet access (free WiFi in common areas of the hotel, plus my phone) but may be too burnt out to tag.

Also, none of mine are going into Amnesia Plot -- I don't think that many of them would benefit much from it -- but I'll be around for any thread requests for amnesia-ed pups, if desired.

And the pups... )
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State of Me

I actually did really well and made reqs by the first half of the month, although now I seem to have lost steam and am really slow on responses to threads. I just discovered a whole bunch that are over a week old, which somehow escaped my notice, which now makes me feel crappy, ugh, so I will probably go through them to see if any are plotty and need to be kept. (If I owe you a severely overdue tag and you definitely want to continue the thread, let me know and I'll be glad to.) I had a lot of tags this month but not many big changes or updates for my pups, so there's not a whole lot of new information here.

Things are still kind of busy here. I changed desks at work so my computer actually faces more people, which makes work tagging harder since more people walk past me. I ranwalked my 5k this week and have now signed up for another one next weekend so I can't take that much relaxation time off.

And the pups... )

TR: SotP

Apr. 30th, 2012 10:19 am
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State of Me

I had great intentions for April, but it wound up being kind of a wash, too, as my main tagging mojo has been All Neal, All the Time. I think I need one more tag for Snape to make reqs, so I might just throw him belatedly at someone in the hoedown, or I might just let it go.

In general, I'm good but tired all the time and kind of blah. May is a relatively low-key sort of month for me -- I should be in town for the whole time, and only have a couple of concerts on the radar. I'm "training" for a 5k at the end of the month, so regular gym-time will eat into my schedule a bit, but I guess it's worth it in order to not be out of breath after jogging for a minute?

And the pups... )

TR: SotP

Mar. 28th, 2012 06:09 pm
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State of Me
I'm calling March a wash with reqs -- I made them for Neal, clearly, but unless I find myself getting particularly inspired by someone's EP, I'm just going to let Nick and Snape off the hook for now. Going on vacation and being so busy killed most of my mojo, and I had to drop a bunch of older threads. (If I dropped anything you'd like to continue, let me know, though, and I'll go back to it. I just got overwhelmed with what was left in my inbox.) Hopefully April will get me back on track. I don't have any concrete plans to app anytime soon, but I enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that I made reqs.

I'm always open to doing private threads with anyone, for any reason, even if it's just for our characters to have a chat about nothing. I always need to get my pups out more, especially Nick, since he has been here so long and has seen so many of his friends disappear and is kind of running short on People He Knows.

And the pups... )
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* I had a delightful time traipsing about the south with [personal profile] agonistes last week.  There was history and cats and music-acquiring and also Andrew Bird.  I wrote the review for the Atlanta show, she wrote the one for Nashville.  You should read both of them.   They were super exciting and we had a lot of feelings about both of the shows, especially Nashville.  (Also, in Nashville, we both procured Satan is Real tshirts.  I l plan on wearing mine to the annual hipster radio vinyl sale next month, and things will be glorious.)

* I also saw Mr. Bird in Milwaukee and while the show itself was excellent, I need to gripe a little bit about the audience.  They were boisterous in all of the right places -- Bird got extended applause throughout the set, including one point at which he looked a little surprised at how enthusiastically they applauded.  But the amount of drunken hooting, random shouting, and the tendency to scream every time words weren't coming out of his mouth slowly drove me more and more nuts as the show went on.  (He even acknowledged it at one point, in that slightly snarky way of his: "There sure are a lot of interesting opinions out there.") I get that you're happy to be there but, seriously, put a lid on it.  I have such disdain for the practice of shouting song titles repeatedly at an artist, particularly one who is on tour supporting  a new album.  I just think that it's rude, especially if you keep doing it.  While Bird changes his set list on a whim all the time -- he threw Bein' Green in at Nashville, and Skin Is My in Atlanta -- he does it on his own terms, generally not because someone yelled a song at him.  I've seen him take requests at smaller shows, like the Sonic Arboretum gigs he did at the MCA, but he generally sticks to what he's already decided to play.  Also, I think there's a certain level of decorum that one expects from a seated show in a fancy theater, and drunken hooting and yelling doesn't quite measure up.  Also -- and this is just a "it personally annoyed me" rather than "bad concert behavior" -- in a huge, cavernous concert hall, there is going to be sound phasing, so clapping along in time almost NEVER works right, because you think you're clapping along but you're really NOT and it is just out of time and annoying.  There were a few quiet moments where Bird and company were playing acoustic songs, clustered around a single mic, and people got it in their heads to clap along, which, okay, not begrudging you having a good time. And then the out of time clapping along devolved into what sounded to me like people playing the "who claps last" game - you know, one person claps, and then another claps right after, and then the first person claps again to try to be last, etc.  I know that I have odd reactions to certain sounds and rhythms, so it likely bothered me more than most other normal people, but I honestly had a hard time focusing on the performance because so many people were doing this.  Ugh, people.  Don't be douchebags, why is that so hard.

* In an attempt to clean off my desktop, I found the folder of songs by my band.  I've uploaded a few of them for your listening enjoyment. They're from a rehearsal, so the quality is not great, but I like sharing.
  * All Along the Watchtower 
  * It's All Over Now Baby Blue
  * Bruce's Grave (original)
I also do a pretty mean cover of Neil Young's "Don't Let It Bring You Down", but the only copies of it I have are either incomplete or in a single/unsplit MP3 of a full show, and I am too lazy to edit.

* My cat is currently shedding like it's his job, and won't stop meowing.  I spend a lot of time going "WHAT DO YOU WANT".  Also, I seem to have developed a case of little tiny ants since I left.  I picked up an organic/pet safe ant killer that seems to work okay so far, but I also sprinkled some corn meal on the floor where I keep seeing them.  Allegedly the ants will eat it and then explode because their bodies can't process it?  I don't know if it will actually work, but it's worth a shot, especially since these little assholes are crawling around where the cat eats.  I haven't seen any since I sprayed the place with the organic ant killer, so we'll cross our fingers that there aren't any more.

* Also, against my better judgment, I signed up for a White Collar prompt over at [livejournal.com profile] queer_fest so there is that.  It's Neal/Peter and Neal/OMC and what was that that I said about me probably never actually writing Neal/Peter? Oh well.  

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* Today's my birthday. I don't particularly care about birthdays, but I will say that I started my morning off by getting bitten by my cat (I apparently wasn't waking up quickly enough for him) and then by leaving my gloves on the train. Ugh.

* Is anyone else watching Smash? I have feelings about it. Spoilers for the pilot. )

* And for White Collar. Spoilers for White Collar 3x14, Pulling Strings )

TR: SotP

Feb. 2nd, 2012 06:39 pm
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Enter here for a State of the Pups-alooza.

It's that time again! )
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I'm bored and feel like sharing.

Pick a number, or multiple numbers, from 1 - 60,014, and I will upload the corresponding song from my completely randomized and ridiculous music library.


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